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Welcome to Kim’s Academy! Thank you for visiting us on the web! Of course it is kind of difficult to get the feel of a Tae Kwon Do school off the internet so we encourage you to visit usin person. Kim’s Academy had a new building constructed with one thought in mind, provide the best environment in the USA to learn the most widely practiced martial art in the world. This building, located in San Antonio is our main training facility and also houses the headquarters for the American ChungDoKwan TKD Assocation (ACTA). Please browse the web site and when you are ready stop by Kim’s Academy or one of our other many ACTA schools located throughout the USA.

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Why You Should Choose Kim's Academy?

Our History

Grand Master In Mook Kim started teaching Tae Kwon Do to soldiers in the Korean and US Armies in 1957.
In 1960 Grand Master Kim left the Army and started teaching private lessons to students who would go on to become Grand National Champions.

Then in 1968 Grand Master Kim started teaching to all who wanted to learn the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do, starting what would become Kim’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do. Why should this be important to you as a student or perspective student. Because there are many schools, that while they have good intentions, do not have the training skills that have been honed over almost 50 years of experience. A martial art is not just learning how to perform certain physical moves but also learning the philosophy that drove people to develop those moves.

Our Instructors

First and foremost our instructors. Our instructors range from 3rd to 8th degree black belts with an average 10 years experience in Tae Kwon Do. They have all been taught by Grand Master Kim who has passed on the lessons he has learned over the past 50 years. You or your child will never be taught by someone who just "made black belt". While our black belt students may help in class the class is always lead by a certified Kim's Academy instructor.

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Kim’s Academy Instructors: Grand Master Ki Wook Kim, Master William D. Moyer, Master John H. Simmons Jr. and Junior Masters Richard Bautista and Luis Guzman. Visit our Instructors Page to find more information about our instructors.


How TaeKwonDo Helps You

People wish to experience Tae Kwon Do for many different reasons, some of the most common reasons we hear:

  • 1. Helps children become more confident through the success they have in class

  • 2. Helps older children with coordination and concentration which helps in other sports

  • 3. Provides a level of comfort knowing we can defend ourselves if needed

  • 4. Camaraderia with others who share a similar interest

  • 5. Want to learn ancient self defense techniques

    • Tae Kwon Do Do Among Other Martial Arts

      Tae Kwon Do is a way of life that promotes peace through strength. The most widely practiced martial art in the world today, Tae Kwon Do promotes self-improvement through regular and vigorous exercise of the mind, the body and the spirit.
      Tae Kwon Do differs from other martial arts such as Japanese Karate, Chinese Kung Fu, Hapkido, Judo, Yusui (Jujitsu) and kick-boxing because of its emphasis on kicking techniques. Tae Kwon Do has more than 50 different kinds of kicking combinations and foot blocks—no other martial art encompasses that many kicking techniques.....
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