Martial Art Classes in San Antonio

If you’re looking for an exciting way to get in shape, learn self-defense and build resilience for life’s challenges, you’ll find it all and more at our martial art classes in San Antonio.

You’ll develop the fundamentals and advanced skills you need to tackle anything life throws at you.

With the help, guidance, and leadership of our passionate, highly trained instructors, you will:

• Develop stress-melting confidence and mental toughness
• Acquire the skills to protect yourself and loved ones
• Increase your agility, cardio capacity and coordination, so you feel stronger and more capable at work and play
• And much, much more

Your life is about to get much more fun and exhilarating!

We invite you to try a free class and experience it for yourself.


A New Journey & Greater Destinations

We believe life is about both the journey and your accomplishments.

Our martial art classes in San Antonio are designed to add excitement to that journey. We’ll also develop your focus, discipline and self-belief, so you can achieve more than you previously thought possible – in class and in life.

When you begin to break boards with your feet and fists… when you effectively block strikes and kicks and land clean counter-attacks in class… you’ll begin to taste what you’re truly capable of in any environment.

Our proven system of martial arts, our attentive instructors, and your classmates will be there for you every step of the way.

Why Try Kim’s Martial Art Classes in San Antonio?

You’re invited to become part of the renowned lineage of Grand Master Kim, who has taught the mental, physical and spiritual elements of TaeKwonDo to over 10,000 students annually.

As a student of Kim’s martial art classes in San Antonio, you will experience an elite level of TaeKwonDo instruction highly sought by civilians and military for over 45 years.

If you want to compete, you can do so with confidence. Kim’s Academy students have remained a dominant force in national and international level TaeKwonDo competitions for decades.

No matter what your age… whether you’re looking for physical or mental toughness, self-defense, or a winning competitive spirit, you’ll find them all here at Kim’s Academy of TaeKwonDo.


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