-Ken Metz, parent of the black belt student

"Kim’s Academy has a fun and enjoyable environment for both children and adults that creates a sense of discipline at the same time. The teachers are always patient, attentive, and strive to help you achieve your best!"
-Haydee Fabian, a current student

-Tara Gonzales, parent of the red belt student

"Kim’s Academy has motivated our son to become more focused and disciplined at an early age. He truly enjoys the classes and looks up to the instructors. They are awesome role models."
-Jesse & Ursula Villanueva, parents of the orange belt student

"Kim’s Academy has given my foster son - the opportunity to develop his self image through the discipline and interaction with the instructors. He is an honor role student at school, his self confidence has soared – Tae Kwon Do was the best activity for personal development he is involved with. Thank you and God Bless the Kim’s Family"
-Pat Dominieck, Green belt student

"We, your old students of Kim's Academy in DSM Iowa, are always grateful for the TIME and EFFORT and LOVE that you showed us."
-Kim's Academy students from KDSM Iowa